We are a small family run business who envisaged the shoes that never existed and decided to make them. In 1985, Hassan Salimian embarked on a journey with his wife Sukie to shake up the shoe industry.

Tired of seeing old faces, recycled designs, endless knock offs, we wanted each of our clients to have something no one else did; uniqueness.

That is when the Sukie’s family made an unbreakable vow and promise to
our clients that no person with the same size feet will be wearing the exact same shoe. Pen hit paper, shoe nails tied leather and paint brushed our art pieces - Sukie’s was born.

core belief

Our mission was to design unique shoes for the individual. These gob-smacking shoes would grow with you and make each individual feel special when they walked in a pair of Sukie’s. 

Since 1985, we are still one of the very few Independent shoe boutiques
that have remained along Kings Road and that is because we have stayed
true to our core beliefs to ‘Always Be Different’.

We figured that most individuals will follow the crowd, but a few forge
their own path. We set out to make shoes for the few. For the men and
women who walk to their own beat.

we make superb shoes

Globally renowned for it’s opulent leathers and unique detailing, we promise to deliver style, quality and value for money. Sukie's symbolize the ultimate indulgence based on architectural elegance using luxurious materials and design.

Average shoes may look great at first, but age rapidly once they have been worn a couple of times. A great shoe made with care and expertise is an investment. The shoe will age with grace and still look excellent years after it is purchased. Only a very few well made shoe can pull that off. Equally, it has to be said that only a well trained shoe maker can create this.


We have our own unique take on design. Attention to detail and careful selection of soft Italian leathers, helps to create an authentic, timeless, luxury shoe – Sukie's shoes are never mass produced. We don’t do commercial and we don’t follow fashion (sure; it would make life much easier, but easy is not the Sukie's way).

Instead our inspiration comes mainly from art, our architecture and music. Our shoes all tell a story... many times our shoes have been described ‘as pieces of art’.

Sukie's house a wide range of styles for men and a select unique range for ladies. We cater for every individual style – formal to casual wear – a mix of retrostyles – urban to chic. We guarantee there is a shoe in our collection that will fit the many sides to your personality. We cover many aspects of your life... the daring courageous you... to the professional game face you; to the traveler in you and to the casual calm everyday you. It is after all about you.


It is important to understand that there are big differences in quality when it comes to shoe manufacturing. Cheap shoes come at a very high price for the people who make it. We only work with family run artesian ateliers in Italy to ensure the best quality and best craftsmanship. When buying a shoe, the price should be the last thing you consider. A good pair of shoes are always more than its price. We only look towards sustainability and not fast fashion. 


We pride ourselves on our customer service. We treat all our customers the same...some to the point they have become family. Go into a high street shop and see if they remember your name or what you have purchased. We try our utmost to help everyone the best way possible. So do not be shy to ask. We take our customers very seriously. We know you have a choice. If you have a problem, or a question, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our phone number or email address is listed in the contact section and we'd love to hear from you. If it's a problem you're calling us about, we promise to sort it out.